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from clients, producers and editors…

“Kathryn Hall did a spectacular job as the chief PR person for my book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. My book ended up winning the Harold Longman Award as the Best Business Book of 2007, was a New York Times best seller, Wall Street Journal #1 business book, and finished the year as the #22 best seller on Amazon's Best of 2007 – customer favorites’ list (for all categories). None of this would have happened without her help. She also did an excellent job promoting my subsequent book, Mojo, which became a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, and in 2015 she went on to promote my book Triggers."

Kathryn went out of her way to find opportunities for me on TV, radio, webinars, teleconferences, journals, newspapers and magazines. This type of exposure ‘adds up’ over time – and makes a huge difference in the success of a book. I am happy to give Kathryn Hall my highest recommendation. She did a great job in helping me – and I am sure that she can do the same for you!”

Marshall Goldsmith,
internationally known Executive Coach,
author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There
“I highly recommend working with Kathryn Hall even if your book has been out for some time, as mine was. † Kathryn patiently studied the core elements of my book as†well as my consulting, passion projects and†world view.† She then deftly honed in on the messages that were the most meaningful and timely and opened doors to new publications, podcasts and opportunities.† One of the articles I wrote for strategy+business became one of their Top 10 articles of the year for 2019, and I was able to create many new professional connections in a short period of time.† I would highly recommend Kathryn as someone you can count on not only as a top-notch publicist, but as a friend and advocate who will ensure that your message is amplified in the right way to the right people.”
Deepa Prahalad, author of Predictable Magic

“Kathryn worked with me as an editor on two projects Ė Confessions of a Bone Woman: Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World published in 2018, and another book that is still in progress.

Kathryn is well read, highly educated, and an author herself. As such, she is an excellent editor. Adding to her many talents, she has a lifetime of experience with many facets of the publishing industry. Kathryn is very good at voice. Quite often she worked with me to find my voice and pointed out areas where my writing was inconsistent or out of integrity. She also helped me with different writing styles. I absolutely love the book synopsis she helped me write, and she came up with a very creative way for me to start my memoir.

Although I value her vast knowledge and professional expertise, I found Kathrynís relentless enthusiasm to be the most empowering. On days when I was too exhausted or busy to write another word, Kathryn kept the momentum going by sending me bits of inspiration, doing extra research, networking on my behalf, and rewriting things I had poorly written. Kathryn was my mojo when I didnít have any. She was my sanity when I lost it. She was my cheerleader when I didnít believe in myself. And she was my visionary when I didnít know where I was going.”

Lucinda Bakken White, author of Confessions of a Bone Woman
“Overloaded editors at newspapers and magazines are looking for ways to quickly separate what's potentially good from what's probably not, and a reputable publisher's logo on the padded envelope or book spine is the easiest gatekeeper, exactly the same way that a major record label's logo used to be. Another good sorting mechanism is a known publicistóat my magazine, I'd absolutely open any envelope bearing Kathryn's name, with total confidence that the contents would be relevant and high-quality.”
Matthew Budman, Editor-in-Chief, The Conference Board Review
“Thank you for quoting me in your Training and Development Journal piece. It was one of the most intelligent, readable articles they have printed in a long, long time.”
 Jim Kouzes, author of The Leadership Challenge
“...you were what was missing.”
Karan Bajaj, author of The Yoga of Max's Discontent
“Kathryn, I cannot adequately express how grateful Sean and I are to you for taking on this project with such gusto, talent, compassion, patience, and speed. The book is transformed, impactful, and truly something Ben can be proud of. So thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
Susan Levin, on behalf of Ben Levin and his book In the Hole
“I am impressed with your professionalism, your commitment to following through with your agreements, and your ability to get things done. You contributed in a major way to New World Library's early success as a publisher but also to making the world a more enlightened place to live and work.”
Marc Allen, President, New World Library
"Kathryn Hall is relentless. No, really. She is. We met when I was host of the Get it Done Guy podcast. As an iTunes top-10 podcast, I was continually getting irrelevant pitches from publicists who didn't know what they were doing. Not Kathryn. Kathryn took the time to understand my perspective as host, and what her clients could contribute to my audience. Then she pursued me relentlessly to book her clients. Yet her magic was in going right up to the edge of "too much" and staying on the side of "just right." She was persistent. She was gracious. She was persistent. She was funny. She was persistent. Just enough that we've stayed in touch, even years after the podcast ended. Next time I'm ready for a publicist, she's tops on the list. Hopefully she'll still have some availability."
Stever Robbins, Get It Done Guy
“ As a new, independent writer, the world of book PR was a complete mystery to me. Who would make a good publicist for my book? How will a publicist help me get the word out about my book? More importantlyócan this publicist help me get the word out? The answer, for me, turned out to be Kathryn Hall. I was extremely impressed by her during our initial phone calls. She answered all of my questions and we discussed possible approaches for my book's campaign, and I was impressed by the work she did on my behalf even before we had agreed to work together. My first novel touched upon multiple genres, which in my opinion made marketing and publicizing it more difficult. But Kathryn never viewed it that way. Instead, she viewed it as a fun challenge to be overcome, and she helped me land interviews on a number of very cool podcasts that focused on unique works by independent authors. She also taught me several useful strategies to utilize going forward so I can continue to build on the progress that she and I made during our time together. I highly recommend Kathryn to any authors looking for a diligent and knowledgeable PR professional! ”
Marc Cavella, author of Tabernacle
“You guys are amazing.  It’s a blessing, honor, and a privilege to work with such good people.”
Ursula Sharp, Soundview Executive Book Summaries 
“Thank you for your valuable insights, advice, support, connections, and tireless perseverance in helping get these books out into the world and effecting positive change, Kathryn!!.”
Karl Hebenstreit, author of The How and Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram
“Kathryn Hall is a pro. You know that when Kathryn says something is going to be done, it will be. She is one of the few publicists I know who always puts the writer or editor first, and will do what she has to in order to make sure her client delivers the best information possible. She believes her most important job is to make our job easier, and she does that, every time. She will not waste your time with pitches that do not suit your needs and works hard to make sure that she supports you in whatever story you need to do.”
Anita Bruzzese, Gannett’s top syndicated business columnist
“You showed me what was possible.”
Barry Heermann, author of Building Team Spirit
“Kathryn is an amazing woman - whom I've known for many years - and an awesome PR person who gives authors 150%! She's represented huge authors - and empowered them to great success.”
Karen Salmansohn, author of Think Happy
"Kathryn Hall is a book publicist who won't represent clients she doesn't believe in. 'I live by the advice to give the world something it really needs,' she says, 'and I'm not about to stake my reputation on just anyone.' The result? This talk show host is like so many others who have told her, 'I know when you suggest someone I'll have a great program if I book that person.' If you represent only those people you believe in, Kathryn says, the people you're pitching will find it easier to believe you. Sounds like a plan. A good business plan, that is."
Maureen Anderson, "The Career Clinic"
"Kathryn, I've always seen you as much more than a straight business book publicist but someone who really evangelizes core philosophies that are embodied in a book. That's not just another business how-to, but something that could become a movement and help shape and shift business culture worldwide. Countless times, I have told Bob [Burg] that YOU have been my best decision in the past year!"
Thom Scott, Managing Partner - Burg/Scott Communications,
Marketing Architect for The Go-Giver book launch

“Thank you for all the effort you put into Freedom and Accountability at Work. Your belief in the ideas and your energy and attention to detail are very special...Having you help with the publicity gave it its best shot.

Peter Block, author of Stewardship
“. ..thank you for your stellar performance in promoting my latest book Pushing the Envelope. The British Airways inflight magazine is another prime example added to the Sam’s Club magazine, London Times and many more.”
Harvey Mackay, author of How to Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
“Kathryn Hall is a wonder in a pinch. She is a master of taking projects to heart, zeroing in on just what is needed and figuring out how to deliver it within hours. All this is accomplished with the wisdom and grace of someone in harmony with her mission.”
Michael Kinsman, Columnist, San Diego Union Tribune
“Kathryn and I have worked together for several years, mainly in her role as publicist for my last book, but also in occasional collaboration in evaluating and supporting the work of other authors. Kathryn is smart, full of integrity, fun to work with, great about staying in touch, and refreshingly discriminating about who she will work with and who she won’t (she doesn’t support authors when she doesn’t believe in what they have to say).”
Robert H. Waterman, Jr., author of In Search of Excellence
"Thanks so much for all the help you have been with Marshall over the past few weeks! You know how I know he's doing something right? He has you on his team! It can't be easy, helping him cram 48 hours of work into 24-hour days. You pull that off with class, and I admire you...thanks for being my new gold standard on prompt, cheerful followup!"
Maureen Anderson, host, "The Career Clinic", internationally syndicated radio show
“Kathryn Hall has been exceptional in promotion of my book. She demonstrates a rare ability to be both sensitive and tenacious with journalists, editors, columnists and other members of the print media. Most remarkably has been the partnership that has grown between us. She became an advocate for both my book and me, advising, cajoling, supporting, and aiding me with the twists and turns that come with promoting new ideas. I suspect this is due, in part, to her choice to work with books that resonate with her own interests and passions. Her professionalism, intelligence and network of contacts make her an ideal publicist, someone I highly recommend.”
Alan Briskin, author of The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace
“Thank you for agreeing to take on Stewardship, Escape from Management Hell and two more B-K books. We are very fortunate to have the best publicist helping us and the authors promote these titles.”
Steve Piersanti, President Berrett-Koehler Publishers
“[Kathryn Hall is] one of the nation’s ablest book publicists.”
Joyce Lain Kennedy, nationally syndicated columnist
“Since we started working together almost three years ago I have seen my exposure in press and radio and the network of colleagues and friends grow immeasurably. Kathryn’s choice to represent my book was itself a significant compliment. Her feel for a book’s inner truth and integrity is immediate and visceral. When she does choose a book, she doesn’t only represent it, she champions it. and she can champion a book more boldly than anyone else I know because she believes in it. Kathryn only picks books that feel right to her, not because they may sell well. Kathryn’s vast network of media contacts know this about Kathryn as well. They trust that if she likes a book--they will, too. They take Kathryn’s authors seriously because they know she does. And because of this you are welcomed into her respected community of colleagues and friends. In every instance, the interviews that Kathryn scheduled with radio and press turned out to be wonderful conversations with people who were well informed about the ideas in the book and the work I was involved in the world. Her professionalism in tilling this soil and preparing the ground for these interviews is something for which I have always been deeply grateful. Although the National Print Tour ended some months ago, the momentum Kathryn created is just continuing to move ahead. And her wise advice and counsel are as current and appreciated in my thoughts now as they were when we first began.”
Michael Jones, author of Creating an Imaginative Life
“Kathryn Hall is the Jerry Maguire of publicists. She sincerely cares about who she represents and about how she represents them.”
Ken Shelton, Editor, Executive Excellence
“Just a note to let you know how much your services have meant to me and to The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. Your insightful, persistent manner has resulted in creating a presence for my book that exceeded my expectations. Hoping for a review here, an interview there, we have been deluged by interviews, reviews, mentions and spin-off publications that have given me something to be proud of indeed. Your untiring handholding and assistance in strategizing, brainstorming, critiquing, and planning have provided the jolt I needed to leave my esoteric world of research and play in the fields of marketing and promotion. You made an otherwise odious task pleasant. To crown your (our) accomplishments, the interview you arranged for me in the WashingtonPost has now reappeared in The Saturday Evening Post. What a coup! I’ve had friends and family call from around the country calling to ask, ‘Did you see your name in the Saturday Evening Post ?’ I said it was all because of you. Thanks, genuinely.”
Pierce Howard, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain
“It’s been just a year since Nicholas Roerich: The Life and Art of a Russian Master was published. Looking back on my book’s first year, I can only beam like a proud parent from all the attention and recognition it has received. In large part, I have you to thank for the many wonderful reviews that have appeared all over the country, and I want you to know how grateful I am, not only for your professionalism and perseverance, but also for your genuine belief in the book’s subject. For me, the highlight of the year, of course, was the half-page review in the Sunday New York Times. But I was also thrilled that it was selected by the Chicago Tribune, and as one of the best dance-related titles by the Boston Globe. At times you showed more faith in the book’s potential than I did, and in most cases, you proved to be right! I greatly needed and appreciated your confidence and support. As you well know, I work as an editor for Abbeville, a publisher of fine illustrated books, and whenever yet another review of Roerich would appear,our publicity director would exclaim, ‘What a great job your publicist is doing! It’s not the easiest title to publicize, you know!’ I do know, and I concur wholeheartedly with this professional opinion!”
Jackie Decter, author of Nicholas Roerich: The Life and Art of a Russian Master
“Kathryn Hall has been my publicist for over five years in support of two books. I have found her work to be of the highest professional standards. She pays great attention to detail and is diligent in following through on her commitments. She is particularly effective because she believes in her authors and is therefore committed and convincing in promoting them. I recommend Kathryn to any author who requires a publicist of competence and commitment.”
Keshavan Nair, author of A Higher Standard of Leadership: Lessons from the Life of Gandhi
“All of the books that Kathryn ever sent in the four years I wrote the New on the Bookshelf column were both outside the herd and unfailingly interesting. If I had a book out there I’d want her on my side. Kathryn is extremely professional. In short, she’s the best.”
Jeff Rowe, Orange County Register
“Kathryn Hall is a superb publicist. I have NEVER known a publicist to be as dedicated, thorough, and on-the lookout for an author she believes in. She is on top of what’s happening in the book publishing industry, which gives her wide scope. She is networked to a very diverse spread of media: magazines, websites, newspapers, and more! And she is diligent and persistent while always showing respect for authors and media contacts alike. Kathryn ranks in the top tier of people who represent cutting-edge thinkers and authors.”
Tom Brown, Editor, former Editor-at-Large, Industry Week
“Thank you for being a wonderful friend and brilliant publicist to both me and Artful Work. I have appreciated your forthrightness, integrity, and tenacious championing of my writing career and my book. I have loved the joyful enthusiasm you bring to your work, searching for meaning with you, and the commitment you have given to what we are doing together. A reviewer in England wrote that Artful Work is “A friend for life.’ So are you.”
Dick Richards, author of Artful Work
“I want to let you know how consequential and important your work has been to our success this year. Your efforts to get print media attention for our new book Take This Job and Love It, especially in the business press, have been successful beyond our wildest expectations. The real specialness of your work is the way you have kept in touch with each person and publication, and persuaded so many of them to review the book. We are especially impressed at how well you have been able to make our case to a magazine, like Barron’s, that otherwise would not be able to distinguish our book from hundreds of others they receive, to get a review. Your special brightness, insight and enthusiasm has helped us see aspects of our work, and its relevance, that we would not have known otherwise. We would recommend you to anyone (and indeed, we already have).”
Dennis Jaffe, co-author of Take This Job and Love It
“Time has passed so quickly in the past year. It is hard to say bonvoyage when you have been so much a part of my life over this time. We have worked well together, Kathryn. Your involvement has been highly contributive and constructive. I want to let you know that the outcomes far surpassed my expectations. Use me as a reference any time.”
Jane Seiling, author of The Membership Organization
“As editor of Training and Development magazine, I’ve worked with Kathryn Hall for the past 10 years and I can attest to the quality and professionalism of her work. She represents her authors enthusiastically and accurately. It’s clear she believes in their work and sees herself as a partner in their success. I also appreciate the fact that she makes an effort to know my publication and targets her efforts accordingly.”
Patricia Galagan, Editor, Training and Development
“Kathryn Hall is an editor’s dream matchmaker. She knows her author’s books inside and out, she knows my publication’s editorial mission, and she does what’s necessary to make things happen.”

Alis Valencia, Editor, C2M

“We have known Kathryn Hall for many years and have come to appreciate her deep commitment, energy and personal integrity and New Dimensions Radio has benefited from her efforts. It is always a pleasure receiving packages from Kathryn because we know they are well thought out, containing the relevant information we need in order to decide whether or not to do an interview with her client. She is savvy of the marketplace and only refers people to us who are compatible with our needs. Because of her discernment we always pay attention to whomever or whatever she sends us...She has taken the role of publicist to the level of mastery, and we recommend her without reservation.”
Justine and Michael Toms Co-Founders, New Dimensions Radio


“Your enthusiasm for your work and our authors is much appreciated...the care with which you prepare your materials and the thoughtful and provocative way that you promote our books is very gratifying to us. I really appreciate your persistence. As far as I can see not much falls between the cracks!”
Linda Kramer, Executive Vice President, H J Kramer Inc.
“Looking back on this year, you have been one of the best blessings! The Creative Edge became the #1 best-selling business book nationwide in independent bookstores this autumn--and it also sold well in chain stores. This would not have happened without your getting me in print and on the airwaves (locally and nationally) during the spring and autumn. Your enthusiasm, skill, persistence, and heartfulness in promoting me and my book have at times amazed even me. I heartily recommend you and your talent to others who are ready to speak to the world through the media, supported by someone with such a spirit of integrity and service.”
William Miller, author of The Creative Edge
“During my four years as editor of the Association for Humanistic Psychology’s monthly newsletter/magazine, I found Kathryn Hall to be the consummate publicist. Through her wonderful ability to communicate, motivate and educate, we quickly developed a personal working relationship that I valued highly. I placed a great deal of trust in Kathryn’s opinions...Kathryn was doing work she believed in--she made it clear that she was representing only those clients she felt were making a contribution to the world, and so her work had that marvelous and obvious imprint of a labor of love. I knew whenever she recommended a book or an author, it was going to be something or someone she had spent a great deal of time and focus in exploring and understanding. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a publicist.”
Mary King, former Editor AHP’s Perspective
“If you want someone to present your work to the world with ingenuity, grace, wit and the tenacity of an Airedale terrier there is only one person who fits the description...Kathryn Hall.”
Ned Hamson, Editor, Journal for Quality and Participation
“We receive a lot of pitch materials from publicists on a weekly basis. But of all the materials we get, when a package comes from Kathryn Hall, it goes on top of the pile and 99% of the time we book it. She’s one of the top three publicists we work with. We can count on her for consistency. She’s personally vested--it’s not just a job and it’s not just because somebody wrote her a check.”
Renn Vara, Producer/Host “Family Talk” KQED, San Francisco’s primary NPR affiliate
“We all want to join in thanking you for the outstanding way you have represented our book. We have been very pleased and amazed at the quality and wealth of coverage. You have coached us so that the book is reaching the kinds of people who are open to our work. And you have taught us so much about ways we can team and improve the quality of our promotion. You are a kindred spirit and I am grateful to you for your energy, dedication and role modeling. Our sincere thanks for choosing to support our work and our team.”
Ann McGee-Cooper Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates

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